Listen Money Matters - Zero to Fire Using Airbnb

In this episode I get to shoot the breeze with my Neighbor Matt (one of the hosts) and his co-host Andrew as we talk about my Airbnb story, Real Estate Investing & FIRE (FInancial Independence Retire Early). Get ready to laugh because this episode is a hoot!

Airbnb Entrepreneur Podcast: Being Free with Airbnb...Financial Freedom and more

In this episode Rachel (the host) and I chat about Financial Independence - what is it, how do you get there, and how I used Airbnb as my vehicle to speed up the timeline. Rachel is an Airbnb Superhost and a Real Estate Agent which lead to discussions about Millennial trends and the market.

Road to Family Freedom: Retiring at 30 Using Short Term Rentals with Zeona McIntyre

This episode is Airbnb focused, talking about the dos and don’ts with experienced hosts and real estate investors Neil and his wife. We also discuss my lifestyle dilemma of growth versus quality of life and my belief in learning by doing.

Best Ever Real Estate Investing Advice: #JF1596: Creatively Purchasing Short Term Rentals & Scaling A Management Company with Zeona McIntyre

The only daily Real Estate podcast! These easy to digest 30 min shows on are jam packed with good questions and specific info. In this episode we discuss creative financing, the returns I make on each home (at least the ones I could produce off the top of my head), determining good Airbnb locations, pricing, and more!

Extra Pack of Peanuts: #347 Part Two Replace Your Income Using Airbnb with Zeona McIntyre

My first 2 part series Podcast. This one is unique because we have the time to do a deep dive for the Intermediate Host. We go into the nitty gritty of pricing, photos, different marketing platforms, reviews and more. Take a listen, you are sure to learn a ton!

Extra Pack of Peanuts: #346 Replace Your Income Using Airbnb with Zeona McIntyre

One of my most fun podcasts to date! In this first of a two-part series with Extra Pack of Peanuts, a travel hacking blog. In this episode we discuss the backstory of how I got started, tips and tricks for the beginner, and if I had it to do over again what would she have done differently. I’m really excited for the 2nd episode as we get to do the rare deep dive with all the fine tuning for the intermediate host!

Bigger Pockets: #300 - How to Invest in Real Estate—The Ultimate Show for Getting Started with Josh Dorkin, Brandon Turner, and 11 Rockstar Investors

Bigger Pockets welcomed me back for a 2nd episode with a short highlight on 11 diverse real estate investors giving newbies easy tips to get started in Real Estate. I always love working with BP and was super honored to be back. I love that they were doing more of an entry level concept in this show because I find that most of their episodes focus on big time players with 100 doors or more, which I find intimidated, even with my experience in the field. Here is a much more digestible, relatable show. Enjoy!

Zero To Travel: How to Use Airbnb to Fund Your Travels   

Travel has been a passion of mine from since I went on a school trip to Europe when I was 12 years old. Even though I traveled a bit with my parents, it was the first time that I was with others my age, discovering new foods, cultures, and languages. I was hooked. I traveled a lot from 19-23, but quickly realized that traveling just to see things, with no purpose or job and no income, became draining. Airbnb has not only provided me resources for unlimited travel but also something to tinker with daily, giving me a sense of purpose and accomplishment. In this episode I teach others how to get into the business like I did. 

FIRE Drill: 014 – Growing an AirBnB side-hustle empire to FI, with Zeona McIntyre

I met Gwen of Fiery Millennials at Camp Mustache SE, where I was presenting, and since then we've been internet friends. I helped her a bit with the purchase of her first home and was excited when she asked me to be a guest on her budding podcast with J from Millennial Boss. They both that popular blogs on the subject of FIRE: Financial Independence Retire Early. This is a subject near and dear to my heart. This episode covers the topics of Early Retirement, Financial Independence and, my Airbnb business. Thanks for listening!


Side Hustle Nation: 247: How To Shortcut Your Financial Freedom with Short-Term Rentals ($15k a Month, Part-Time)

I sat down to chat with Nick Loper of the popular podcast, Side Hustle Nation, on the subjects of Airbnb, Entrepreneurship, Financial Independence, and Investing. I love the concept of this show. I have definitely felt different from a lot of people I've met in my life because I have the unique hustler mentality, I definitely recommend checking out this Podcast for to spark your creativity, so many of the guests are inspiring folks. 



 Bigger Pockets: 229: Early Retirement Through Short-Term Rental Properties with Zeona McIntyre

I was interviewed for the Bigger Pockets Podcast from my home in Boulder, Colorado and had an absolute blast. This one is unique because we also recorded video, so you can choose to watch the podcast instead and see all my animated moments and get a sense of my goofy personality. Bigger Pockets is a community with a powerful following that teaches all the ins and outs of Real Estate Investing. It was such a treat to get to share my niche knowledge with this interactive group of professionals. In this epsiode, we discussed the topics of: Real Estate InvestingEarly RetirementAirbnbPrivate Lending, and Travel. I hope you have as much fun watching it and laughing along as we did making it. 


Misfit Entrepreneur - Designing a Life Through the Shared Economy

I was interviewed for Misfit Entrepreneur while I was dogsitting in Miami Beach during my Winter travel Break. Dave started this podcast as a way to document entrepreneurial tricks and wisdom for his young daughter. He's interviewed some of the brightest minds around,  I was so honored to be a part of the list. We spoke about creativity in Entrepreneurship, Investing for Airbnb, the makings of a good Co-host and so much more. For show notes, click on the title. 


Radical Personal Finance Financial Freedom in Just a Few Years with AirBnB Property Management!

I was interviewed for the Radical Personal Finance Podcast  while I was at Camp Mustache SE, a fun weekend of community building and Workshops on topics like Early Retirement, Investing, Travel Hacking, and more. I was fortunate enough to be asked to speak at the event where I met fellow presenter Joshua Sheats. Joshua is a very knowledgable fellow in many topics related to Financial Freedom and has an amazing collection of interviews and educational presentations on his podcast. On this episode we spoke about my quick track to financial independence, leveraging synthetic equity, and living a creative life. For show notes, click on the title. 


Get Paid for Your Pad - What You Should Know Before You Buy Property

I was interviewed for the Get Paid for Your Pad Podcast on the topics of Airbnb Management, Investing in Properties for Short Term Rental, and tools I use to help me find and manage those properties. Host Jasper Ribbers has written a book to help people get started with Airbnb maximize their earning potential, his podcast is an excellent extension of that and beyond.  For show notes, click on the title. 



Yahoo Finance: Money Talk News - How to Earn Extra Income as an Airbnb Host

This interview was such a blast to do. Airbnb paid for a spot on Yahoo Finance and wanted to speak to experience hosts who had made businesses from Airbnb. I spoke about my journey to Financial Independence and home ownership through Airbnb.

PBS News Hour: Want to retire by 40? Here’s advice from people who did it

PBS really felt like the big time, so I was humbled and very excited to meet with them. My on camera interview unfortunately did not make the cut, and yet, I am so glad they enjoyed my story enough to highlight me here. Read on for some inspiration around Retiring Early.

Mr. Money Mustache: From Zero to Wealthy in Two Years – With AirBnb?

What an absolute honor is was to be featured on the very blog that kick started my road to Early Retirement. Here is an Interview I did with the Main Mustache himself, discussing Airbnb, Real Estate Investing, and Early Retirement


Wisebread: 5 Costly Pitfalls of Hosting on Airbnb

In this blog post, I was interviewed to share some of the pros and cons of hosting. Although she was trying to did for sensational stories to match the flashy headlines, its really not that "costly" or scary to become an airbnb host. The article has some good hosting tips and things to keep in mind if you are planning to get started.


How to Get Started in Real Estate Investing: Step-by-Step Guide

 A lot goes into understanding how to get started in real estate investing. It's wise to make sure each of the points in this step-by-step real estate investing guide receives your full attention, since having your bases covered at the outset will make your passive income opportunities easier to manage.  

To read the full guide and guest blog post click here.... 



I'm different - Vox

So this one is a bit odd to post (and please forgive my language, as the app Voxer does not let me edit my audio), and yet I think it might be helpful/inspirational for some so I think it's important to share. In the short 2min 45sec clip, I am telling my friend about a past Astrology reading I received from my Astrology Fairy Godmothers - honestly, if you are interested, email me, I would be elated to share them - in which they told me that I will always go a different route and it's just in my nature, who I am. This little tidbit, blew me open with tons of validation, helping me to more easily recognize my path going forward. I am eternally grateful.  

So if you have ever thought there was something wrong with you for being a little different, please know that you are not alone...


“Scott's little spot here in Boulder is just exactly what I needed. It was deceivingly large, had big comfy beds, was centrally located to all of Boulder, and really gave us that "living in Boulder" feeling. Great neighbors, great house, fantastic hosts. After a long day exploring beautiful Boulder, this was just the little oasis downtown I needed to refresh for another day. I would recommend this to anyone traveling to Boulder!”

Justin Buchanan, November

Location! Stylish Downtown 2br Walk to Everything!