Heal Yourself Through Writing

A few years ago, I had a blog on a different website. Inspired by my favorite at the time, Mr. Money Mustache, and the world around me. I wrote about Early Retirement, reorganizing your priorities, reclaiming freedom, entrepreneurship, spirituality and more. I completely fell in love with the experience. I remember being out on a walk, talking to a friend or going about my day and all of a sudden a story/blog post would start playing out in my head. I would be forming and shaping the words and couldn’t wait to sit down to capture it’s essence. It was pure inspiration working through me and it felt like such a healthy pastime.  

I don’t exactly remember what derailed me. Maybe it was the pressure I began putting on myself to produce on a schedule, maybe it was my mother’s health condition worsening; it was about 3 years ago so I can’t quite be sure, but I stopped. For awhile it seemed like a break, and the messages and ideas still came in, writing themselves in my thoughts but I never seemed to sit down to get them officially out. In a way, I wished I had, as I think it would have been a healing process. In Sept 2014, my mother passed away from Cancer. In a way it was ironic, as her diagnosis was originally what made me reorganize my life in the first place: I greatly reduced my client load and spent more than 4 months traveling with her to find a cure. Although I think our journey delayed the inevitable 1.5 years, that was all the time we were able to gather. And in the end, I was silenced by grief. 

I don’t quite remember when the desire to write came creeping back into my life, but it has. At first as small nudges and now as a full blown need. I am so excited to have a new platform to express myself, especially as I’ve learned so much in the 2+ years after she left, when I finally started to invest in Real Estate, which was a longtime desire and in the past year, when I finally allowed myself to expand my management capabilities to new heights. There is a world of possibility out there for all of us and it’s closer than we know. I’m planning to a share in a few categories: Real Estate Investing, Short Term Renting, Property Management, Early Retirement, Personal Growth and Travel. 

Thanks for accompanying me on this journey...


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