Silenced by Grief


Hey Guys, 

As many of you know, my father passed away on Sept 2nd and I have had no choice but to take some extended breaks from my work, which has left a large gap in my regular blogging schedule. My apologies for this. 




I have been hoping to get some guest blogs to fill it in until I'm feeling up to writing. In the meantime, I am still doing some fun podcasts which I promote on my facebook page and will do my best to update in the media section. 



And something to look forward to: my upcoming episode on The Fire Drill Podcast, by my Financial Independence Blogger friends Millenial Boss & Fiery Millenials,  is airing this Sunday, Oct 8th. Subscribe and you'll be the first to hear it. 

Thanks for your patience while I take some time to find my way back to writing. I appreciate you support and understanding during this difficult time. 




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