Mission Statements + New Services

Hello From Turks & Caicos!

Photo: Cascade Villa - Wheretostay.com

Photo: Cascade Villa - Wheretostay.com

I’m down here in the Caribbean, living the luxurious life as we celebrate my close friend’s engagement. It has been awhile since I’ve written and I have some exciting announcements!

Photo: The writing cooperative

Photo: The writing cooperative

1.) I’m writing a book! Yaaaassss, it’s finally true. This has been a long time dream of mine that I felt very intimidated by and yet, the timing finally feels right. My working title is: Making Space for Money (I’d love your feedback on the title), it will be a workbook with journal prompts, helping to heal your relationship to money so you can attract more of it. I’m currently pitching it to Bigger Pockets, so if you would like to help, you can write to them saying how much you would like to see a book from me ;).

2.) I’ve added a couple of new services:

A. Helping people to Tidy (ahem, get rid of shit) in their homes, specifically for those who rent their personal spaces part-time on Airbnb. I have always rented my personal space out and I think it is important to make space for the guests. They need to be able to open every closet (because they will) and immediately see everything that is in it — organized, clean and clear. I have visited homes that owners want me to list with closets of items jumping out at me, no bueno. I have jumped on the Marie Kondo Tidying train and am obsessed. I love the rewarding work of helping people clear their minds by clearing their spaces. More info in Services.

Before & Afters are such fun!

Before & Afters are such fun!

B. Listing thru Stay - Quality Control. Open your home to me or my team to stay (min 3 nights): we will complete a list of items to improve/change, optimize your listing copy and layout, take some photos as needed, etc. We work with you to create the perfect listing and guest stay experience from A-Z.

3. Mission Statements for my Management & Consulting Services. I recently returned from a retreat in Costa Rica with a clear mind of my intentions for this business going forward and how I want to show up in service as an individual + business owner. As I may have mentioned in a previous blog, I love mission statements. In our busy world full of distractions, it is easy to lose sight of why you do what you do and what is truly in alignment with where you want to go in life. Mission statements help us stay on course, they allow us to check back in to what really matters and where we want to focus.

Here are mine below:

Cohosting Business: We see ourselves as Stewards of the Earth. It is our role to be guardians of the homes and the land in which they sit. Working with you, we aim to create an energetic sanctuary to not only provide our guests with the most relaxing and nourishing experiences, but also to attract the right guests who will care for the home with the utmost respect and live in it joyfully.

Consulting Mission: We live in the realm of possibility and aim to guide + empower our clients to create the lives of their dreams. Whether it is through learning to invest in Real Estate, preparing their personal Home for Short Term Rental, Optimizing their Finances & Investments, or learning to leverage it all to Work Less and Travel More.

If you are curious about creating a Personal Mission Statement, check out this excellent article by my blogger friend, J.D. Roth of Get Rich Slowly.

4. Lastly, my not so exciting announcement is that our contact form on this website experienced a tech snafu from 1/24 - 3/31/19 where we were not receiving the messages. If you sent us an email during this time, we are not ignoring you! We simply did not receive and would greatly appreciate if you could resend it. Thanks!


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