Interview: GuestyVal Producer Answers Some of Your Burning Questions About Tel Aviv Conference

Hi Everyone, 

Well, I survived a grueling, yet quite fun, 9 days in St Louis. I updated the furnishings in my 4 homes (moved 6 couches!), visited another that I manage and met it's local team, PLUS looked at about 20 homes for sale! Whew, glad to be back in Colorado.

Here's a few fun Before & After shots: 

#1: In order of purchase, my 3bdrm (please excuse the photos, pro photos coming soon) 

New couch, tables, lamps, artwork.

New couch, tables, lamps, artwork.

2 bedroom St Louis
New pull out couch and side chair.

New pull out couch and side chair.

redecorating in st louis
New couch, tables, rug.

New couch, tables, rug.

Thanks again to the 3 couples who showed up in St. Louis for our local Meetup. It meant a lot to me to meet investors in the town that got me started and I always learn so much! Very valuable experience. I even ended up touring two of the readers homes! If you haven't made it out to a Meetup yet, I am planning another local one in Longmont, Colorado this August, please stayed tuned here and on Facebook for the information. 

Okay lets switch gears. There has been a lot of talk / rumors that Airbnb will no longer be hosting its Airbnb Open Conferences. This is such a shame as they were very valuable events for learning and networking, which has left many veteran hosts looking for an alternative. I'm pleased to introduce to you to one: Have you heard of GuestyVal?

guestyval zeona mcintyre


Below I have an Q&A session with Abi Rod, Guesty’s Event Manager. She is responsible for overseeing event production at Guesty, which is a company that offers Vacation Property Management Software & 24/7 receptionists AND Guesty is the very company that I use to manage my business. She will be answering some of my questions about their upcoming conference...Will You Join Me There?


ZM: What is GuestyVal? What is your position at Guesty?

AR: GuestyVal is Guesty’s first conference for short-term and vacation rental professionals, which will be taking place over the 8-10th of October in Tel Aviv. As event manager, part of my responsibilities at Guesty is company event production, and a huge part of that is GuestyVal, something I am very excited about!


ZM: Tell me more about the meaning behind the name of the event?

AB: GuestyVal - The Festival for Vacation Rentals, is a play on the word ‘festival’, and there’s good reason as to why. As Guesty’s first event, our aim is that GuestyVal will breathe new life into the industry with a different take on your typical conference, so we chose a name that would reflect this exciting event accordingly.


ZM: How is this event different from the other Vacation Rental Industry Conferences?

AR: Unlike your standard conference, after two full days of sessions with industry leaders and professionals, we’ll be taking all GuestyVal attendees on an unforgettable trip to some of Israel’s most remarkable sites. We’re also putting an emphasis on social events and networking with the goal of fostering genuine connections, something I believe is an important takeaway for professionals within this industry.


ZM: What are you most excited about in the planning and hosting of this event?

AR: My to-do list is never ending, but I see huge potential in producing an event of this kind in the industry we are in. What I find most exciting, though, is that property managers from all over the planet will have the chance to gain insight from some of the biggest names in the world, such as and Facebook, on how they can grow their vacation rental businesses. Additionally, attendees will receive hands-on sessions with Guesty experts who will be there to help Guesty customers and prospects familiarize themselves with the product and gain access to best practices, tips and tricks.


ZM: Why Tel Aviv (I've always wanted to visit - ahem food! - and am most excited about the destination)?

AR: As one of the most innovative cities in the world, famous for its high concentration of successful startups, Tel Aviv provides the perfect backdrop for GuestyVal. More than this, it’s also Guesty’s home and where it all began. Experiencing this country like a local is priceless, and I believe there is no better way for attendees to strengthen bonds formed throughout the conference than on an eye-opening trip of this kind.


ZM: Who could benefit from this? Who is this event for? 

AR: Anyone in the property management industry, including vacation rental and short-term rental property managers, companies and suppliers, should consider attending. What makes GuestyVal unique, is that attendees will gain knowledge on topics ranging from best marketing practices, increasing rank in OTA’s, eliminating bad guests legally and leveraging data for more efficient operations. Each presentation will provide a unique outlook on the different aspects of the property management world, addressing areas that I’m sure many attendees are eager to learn more about.


ZM: Any presentations you are particularly looking forward to attending?

AR: As the organizer of GuestyVal, I can’t pick any favorites. I’m excited about all of them!


ZM: How can people purchase tickets?

AR: Head over to the GuestyVal website where you’ll be able to find more information about the agenda, trip details, hotel discounts and more. Our Early Bird special is currently running, so now is the time to pick up your tickets at a $100 discount! See you in Tel Aviv!
(Blurb about Abi and her position at Guesty).

*Abi Rod is Guesty’s Event Manager and is responsible for overseeing event production, marketing logistics and Guesty’s social media strategy. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can take part in GuestyVal, you can reach Abi at

Thanks Abi!


I have been in the Vacation Rental space since 2012 so I had the opportunity to attend the first Airbnb Open in San Francisco and was living in Spain during the Paris Open, and yet I somehow did not end up going to either. After attending the Airbnb Open in LA two years ago, my biggest regret was not going to the first two. I heard the first one was especially intimate and amazing connections came out of it as a result. I still call up some contacts from LA's event when I am in a jam or want to bounce ideas around. Do not let yourself miss and regret this opportunity. We want to meet you!


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