Come work with me, I'm Hiring!


Hello Readers, 


Today is an exciting day because I am hiring! People ask me all the time for mentorship opportunities or a position within my company and yet I usually do not have anything to offer. Today I do!


I am looking for a person to replace my current Operations Manager as she is moving on to build her Social Media Consulting business — myself and the team are wishing her all the best! 


This would be ideal for someone in the Boulder / Denver area, I will also consider St. Louis / University City as we have 5 properties there. 


Job Description:

» Manage day-to-day operations for 20+ short-term rental properties around the world 

» Provide high level customer service for guests — we have 24/7 receptionists, so you only handle occasion questions they do not know how to answer

» Communication Liaison for Management Clients, Cleaners, Receptionists, Guests

» Tracks expenses (cleaning fees, supplies, repairs, replacements, etc) through Google Sheets

» Pay invoices for cleaners, maintenance professionals

» Order supplies online

» File disputes / damage claims

» Manage Facebook Page

» Build listings for new properties

» Onboard listings to our Property Management Software

» Creates detailed house manuals for each new property (from a template) 

» Generates monthly income/expense reports for our management clients

» Establish Affiliate Marketing Relationships

» Update Website (Squarespace)

» Apply for Podcasts / Speaking Engagements

» Monthly home visits / audits 



What I am looking for

»Passionate about learning the Vacation Rental Management Business

»Entrepreneurial minded - business has room to grow if you want to build it, many partnership opportunities

»Resourceful and Creative, able to take initiative, excited to learn new topics and solve new challenges

»Organized, Trustworthy & Dependable

»Compassionate & Clear Communicator - Good Listener, Solution Oriented

»On Call Availability - Although this position will start at 10hrs a week -- work from home, when you want; guest complaints and emergencies need to be responded to within the hour. This person would need to communicate with me before being out of service for a few hours. More guests travel on weekends, so more issues can happen then.  

»Tech Savvy a must

»Since this is a complicated role to train for, I would prefer a 1 year commitment, ideally looking for a long term partnership!



»Learn this business from an expert in the field

»Receive occasional consultations on your Real Estate deals, private management clients, personal finance / early retirement planning

»Co-creation: help tailor business, work closely with me to choose clients, opportunities 

»Optional travel to visit homes we manage

»See Opportunities to Grow Compensation below:




$20/hr + 4% of profit


Opportunities to Grow Compensation:

-Bring in more clients — raises business earning which you receive a percentage of

-Side gig referrals -- ex. furnishing homes for new management clients

-New Offerings — ex. your own consultation clients for lesser rate

-Partnership Opportunities — Master Lease new homes or apartment buildings together, buy property together

If you are interested, please apply soon. I am hoping to start interviewing and then training right away!