New Service Addition - Timeshare Management!

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*We have stopped offering this service for the time being.

Hi All, 

I'm dropping a quick note to announce that we are now offering Timeshare Management and are excited to take on new clients. 

As most people know, timeshares are normally a terrible investment. People get the hard-sell, usually on vacation, to buy into a "share" (likely a week or two a year) of time at a resort. They pay a percentage of the assessed value or estimated purchase price, which can be $35,000-75,000+ in installments and a monthly maintenance fee which can be $100s-1000+. The timeshare companies can adjust the numbers to make it seem "affordable" for most dual income families, which makes it hard to turn down. Unfortunately what these people don't realize is that their share is near impossible to sell and holds almost no value, until now. 


You already own it, why not make money off of it?

You already own it, why not make money off of it?


Your timeshare is a part of a network of resorts or condos and for a nominal fee, they will allow the timeshare owner to rent properties within the network at a deep discount. This is where we come in, we will:

  • Create 100s of listings for you (most networks have 70+ properties, with different room configurations: studio, 1, 2, 3 bedrooms)

  • Integrations these listings on multiple sites like: Airbnb, Homeaway/VRBO,

  • Handle all guest communication

  • Schedule guests

  • Collect and distribute payments

  • Send monthly income/expense reports for easy tax reporting

Not only can we turn this previous drain on your resources into a powerful money maker, but best of all, you still get to use your "share" as you wish. 


Like here =)

Like here =)


Since ad creation can be a time-consuming job, there is an investment to consider over time (mostly on the front end), but you are able to start making money day one, without purchasing a home, furnishing, getting professional photography or hiring and training cleaners.


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Choose from one of our two pricing options:

- 50 / 50 split of income and expenses of hiring a Virtual Assistant for ad creation, software integration

- 20% management fee and all expenses are covered by the owner.

Do you have a friend or family member who might be interested? Send them our way! We are happy to pay a $100 referral fee to qualifying clients (we can only take on one client per timeshare group, although there are hundreds) with a signed contract. 


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Want to learn more about this lucrative short term rental avenue? Stay tuned, I have an upcoming blog interview with Myka Artis, who is making 8-15K/mo. on his one timeshare. 


  • Create your Airbnb listing today (We earn a referral bonus for up to 5 new listings per profile)

  • Track your Net Worth (get $sign up, it’s free!)”20 when you